Love Ding

Celebrate Love Ding’s Grand Opening this Saturday in Austin

Celebrate the opening of Love Ding Vintage & Handmade Home Goods this Saturday at the store’s Grand Opening Party. Located in South Austin, Love Ding offers an array of mid-century furnishings and singular home accessories curated by owner Denise Roberts. (more…)
Split Image 2

8 Eerie Items that Evoke Halloween’s Celtic Origins

Though today’s Halloween rituals tend toward candy, costume and merriment, many scholars maintain that it's rooted in the ancient—and eerie—Celtic holiday of Samhain. Believed to be a day on which the world of the living overlapped with the world of the dead, Samhain was the largest celebration of the Celtic year. (more…)
Tuesday events2

Tonight: Two Events of Note from Our Brooklyn Partners

Craft lovers and literary enthusiasts, we've got you covered tonight with two events from our Brooklyn-based partner shops... (more…)
stroll down franklin ave2

A Stroll Down…Franklin Avenue in Crown Heights

Just five years ago, Franklin Avenue was an overlooked thoroughfare in an overlooked neighborhood. That changed as the racial tensions that scarred the area in the early 1990s receded into history, giving way to a growing cadre of destination-worthy restaurants and pioneering shops. They complement the area’s fantastic historical architecture and proximity to Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Museum. (more…)
Greenlight Bookstore in Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Greenlight Bookstore Celebrates 5 Years this Saturday

It's hard to imagine that Greenlight Bookstore wasn't always there on Fulton Street anchoring Fort Greene's literary scene, but in fact it was exactly five years ago today that the shop opened its doors and made its first sale--a book about craft beer. (more…)
Brooklyn Jewelry Designers

10 Brooklyn Jewelry Designers with Their Own Shops

Brooklyn jewelry designers have emerged over the past decade or so with a distinct philosophy, fusing the concepts of high-end luxury with low-key presentation. They’ve also shown a gutsy independent streak, which may go a long way in explaining why so many of them also run their own shops. Their retail spaces become extensions of their design aesthetics and ideal environments for people to enjoy their latest works. (more…)
amber abramson

Austin Favorites: Busy-Being’s Amber Ambramson

Working in a Los Angeles art gallery in the early years of the new millennium, Amber Abramson knew that before her son entered high school, she wanted him to be living in a place like Austin: creative, supportive and bursting with culture. "My first visit to Austin was in 2008 and I immediately fell in love," she says. So the summer before he entered the 9th grade in 2011, they packed up and made the move. (more…)
Austin Food Truck

Austin’s 5 Best Food Trucks

Some of the best food to be had in Austin, Texas comes not from the kitchens of fine dining establishments, but through the windows of food trucks and re-imagined Airstreams. Food trucks have taken over virtually every available empty lot in town, and picking just one can be a daunting process. We brought in some of Strolby's Austin partners to help. (more…)

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