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Brooklyn Favorites: Brooklyn Magazine’s Margaret Eby

When Margaret Eby moved from her native Alabama to New York City, like many college freshman before her she found that her first New York experience revolved around Manhattan. A few years later, like many freshly minted grads, she found her horizons quickly expanding. While earning an MA at NYU, working at the Daily News and pursuing her writing independently, she spent time living in the East Village and Astoria, Queens. But she soon found her way to an apartment in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. (more…)
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Process: A New Book from Our Editorial Director

A major congratulations to Strolby's very own editorial director Sarah Stodola, whose book Process: The Writing Lives of great Authors comes out today. It's a look into the techniques, inspirations and daily routines of 18 authors that have captured our imaginations since the turn of the 20th century, including Kafka, Hemingway, Woolf, David Foster Wallace, Margaret Atwood and more. Get your copy right here on Strolby -- we are thrilled to be the exclusive online source for signed copies!! [Buy Process on Strolby]
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Makers Making: Drink More Good’s Root Beer Syrup

How’s this for burning the midnight oil: Two nights a week at around nine in the evening, Jason Schuler heads over to the commercial kitchen in downtown Beacon, NY where he creates his Drink More Good line of artisanal soda syrups (and where he also runs an incubator for upstart food producers). Once there, he works through the night, mixing, boiling and bottling, finishing that night’s syrups around 5am. (more…)
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Meet Ballroom Marfa’s New Director

Vogue recently introduced readers to Susan Sutton, the new executive director of the inimitable Ballroom Marfa, an arts organization (and Strolby partner!) that has played no small part in shaping Marfa's audacious arts scene. (They're to thank for the now-iconic Prada Marfa installation just outside of town.) (more…)
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The Best Tacos in Austin

Finding the best tacos is Austin can be akin to looking for the best jazz in New Orleans, or the most charming street in Paris. So when Bon Appetit's Andrew Knowlton set out to track them down, he understood it wasn't a task to be taken lightly. Knowlton spent three days straight stuffing his face with as many tacos as humanly possible. (more…)
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Our 10 Most Popular Posts of 2014

We've had a great year covering the retail markets that Strolby represents, and strove to do justice to the creativity and ingenuity embodied by places like the Hudson Valley and Marfa, Texas. Sometimes our efforts struck a particular chord with readers, and in that spirit, here we present the 10 most popular posts published on Strolby's blog, The Stroll, in 2014. (more…)
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The 10 Best New Brooklyn Shops of 2014

The retail conversation out of Brooklyn this year all too often centered on chain stores as Madewell, Urban Outfitters and other well-known names opened their first locations here. But a stroll through any number of Brooklyn neighborhoods quickly confirms that the borough remains the most dynamic location in the country for independent shops, and a hotbed for the designers and makers whose wares make up their inventory. (more…)
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Win this Comb from Strolby and Genevieve Gorder!

This elegant comb--handmade in Brooklyn by Brookes Boswell--just screams to accessorize an outfit for New Year's Eve. So when we got together with Genevieve Gorder to talk about ways to take an LBD from work holiday parties through to the early hours of 2015, we couldn't resist teaming up to give one away. To enter: Simply retweet the tweet below! (more…)

The Gift of Laughter: 7 Items with a Sense of Humor

We've all got that loved one who prefers a gift that comes with a few good laughs to something more sentimental. For these merry pranksters, we offer up eight items made to poke fun and crack a smile. (more…)

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