pippen lane new orleans

NOLA for Kids: Tips from Pippen Lane’s Shane Guidry

The charms of New Orleans for grownups are well known. Flying under the radar, though, is the fact that the city is a great place for the younger generation. We turned to Shane Guidry, New Orleans native and longtime buyer for renowned local kids' shop Pippen Lane, for the lowdown. Shane kindly shared her own childhood memories with us, as well as some tips for today's kids... (more…)
Nisolo Shoes

Making Shoes at Nisolo

Nashville-based shoemaker Nisolo recently created this video to show how their shoes are produced by their team in Peru. Watching Master Shoemaker Willan cut, sew, and sole a single pair of shoes by hand is a reminder of a time before products were mass-produced by machines, when each item reflected the care its maker put into it. Each pair of shoes Nisolo sells is made individually by shoemakers who have learned their craft from their fathers who learned from their fathers.
“Shoemaking is an inheritance that’s handed down to us. It’s who we are and what we care about. The passion 
Capsule Spring 2016

Old Friends and New at Capsule Spring/16

Capsule, the fashion tradeshow for emerging designers, had its spring show last weekend in New York. We spent an afternoon catching up with several Strolby shops including Ceri Hoover, Species By The Thousands, Brookes Boswell and jewelry makers Psyche Jewelry and Yah Yah and meeting several new designers we hope to work with soon. Nashville designer Ceri Hoover, known for her minimalist bags, added tomato red and sage green accents to her spring line of white and ecru leather purses. The cut-out handled totes are especially elegant while 
Word of Mouth

Our 4 Favorite Quotes About Nashville from “Word of Mouth”

Of all the American cities finding a renewed creative spark in the past decade, perhaps none has done so with such a distinct vision as Nashville, Tennessee. A city that has long been known for its music, this legacy today forms the foundation for a host of other creative scenes. In her new book, Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations, Lily Clayton Hansen--herself a recent transplant to the city, drawn by the creative energy there--speaks with some of the residents that make Nashville so dynamic and irresistible. (more…)
wilder and rolf and daughers

Shop Here/Eat There: Wilder and Rolf & Daughters in Nashville

In Shop Here/Eat There, we pair great shops with neighboring great eateries. Because when you shop, you work up an appetite. And if there’s a wait for a table, nothing passes the time like a little retail therapy.

Currently heading to: Nashville's Germantown Neighborhood...


Living Well in Nashville: Nutrition Stripped’s McKel Hill

In our modern world of fast food and harried schedules, McKel Hill has managed to do the impossible, turning good nutrition and healthy habits into a delightful--and doable--way of living. In 2013, she brought her nourishing philosophy to life on the website Nutrition Stripped, which quickly gained a widespread following of readers eager to know how she does it. (more…)

The Weekender’s Strolby Picks

As the founder and editor of The Weekender, an online guide for the savviest of travelers, Lauren Greenberg has journeyed far and wide exploring some of the best independent shops in the country. We love her eye for design, and asked her to curate her own set of Strolby must-haves. We're happy to report that she enthusiastically obliged. Here are Lauren's 10 Strolby must-haves... (more…)
weekender travel guide to nashville3

The Weekender’s Guide To Nashville

We've been fans of the Weekender's travel guides for awhile--the site's founder, Lauren Greenberg, has her finger on just the pulse we like, and she's got a knack for tracking down the best in urban design, local makers, and innovative eats. As we prepared to launch Strolby Nashville, we turned to Lauren for her advice on visiting Music City USA. Here's her suggested itinerary for a Strolby-friendly weekend in Nashville... (more…)
andi eaton feature image2

Essential New Orleans: Oui We’s Andi Eaton On Her Go-To Spots

As the fashion multi-hyphenate behind the blog Oui We, Andi Eaton may be the world's foremost expert on New Orleans style: In addition to her widely loved blog, she's also the founder of the Southern Coalition of Fashion & Design, which produces Southern Design Week, the force behind brand strategy firm Andi Eaton Creatives and, most recently, author of the book New Orleans Style. (more…)

Fathom Shops Strolby: The Travel Editors’ Picks for the Home

The groundbreaking travel magazine Fathom brings a fresh perspective to trotting around the globe: It's a space where adventure and style mingle effortlessly, where no trip is off limits, and where a handcrafted souvenir is always preferred (and we swear by the site's travel guides). (more…)

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