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Shop Here/Eat There: Clay Wood & Cotton and Culture Cafe

In Shop Here/Eat There, we pair great shops with neighboring great eateries. Because when you shop, you work up an appetite. And if there’s a wait for a table, nothing passes the time like a little retail therapy. Currently heading to: Main Street in Beacon, NY... (more…)

Q&A: SKT Ceramics’ Susannah Tisue on Her Inspirations

Surprisingly, it was “a series of cake sculptures” that led artist Susannah Tisue to her passion--and talent--for the ceramic arts. During her senior year at NYU Tisue, who was studying printmaking and illustration, found herself in need of a custom stand for her cake-shaped work. Her quest led her to a ceramics studio: “I was hooked,” she says. (more…)

Brooklyn Favorites: Brooks Atwood, Designer and HGTV Star

When industrial designer and HGTV Star Brooks Atwood decided to make the move to New York for grad school at Columbia in 2002, he found himself stuck in Chicago with one small problem--no money to make the trip. As it turned out, Atwood saved himself with his art, hosting a one-night-only gallery show at which he sold enough paintings to fund his move. Atwood has proven similarly resourceful in his work since then. In 2003, he founded POD Design with two fellow Columbia designers. (more…)
Jonathan Castro Anomaly Planter

Makers Making: Jonathan Castro’s Anomaly Planter

Five years ago, ceramic artist Jonathan Castro was browsing the famed Strand Bookstore in downtown Manhattan when he came across a volume featuring images of organisms under a microscope. Those trippy pictures transfixed him and planted the seed for what would eventually become the artist's Anomaly line, a series of bowls, vases, cups and planters featuring tentacles that seem to be caught mid-sway, rustled perhaps by a gentle underwater current. (more…)

The Best of Rhinebeck, NY

Rhinebeck, in the mid-Hudson Valley, is home to more than 300 sites on the National Register of Historic Places, including the nation’s oldest inn, the Beekman Arms, built in 1776, and the Wilderstein Historic Site, a Queen Anne-style estate with extensively landscaped grounds. East Market Street is a good place to start a Rhinebeck sojourn. Shops and cafes line the sidewalks, as well as adjacent Montgomery and Mill Streets. (more…)

The Best of Beacon, NY

An 80-minute train ride from New York City, Beacon lays claim to a world-class contemporary art museum, the Dia:Beacon (housed in a former Nabisco factory) as well as a number of fine art galleries along the town’s Main Street. Modern-day Beacon was once two separate towns, and you’ll find some evidence of that former divide as you walk down Main Street. Historic 19th century architecture at either end of the avenue gives way to mid 20th century buildings in the middle. (more…)

The Best of Hudson, NY

Named after the river it overlooks, Hudson comes alive on weekends thanks to an influx of city dwellers who come to shop at the many antique stores, as well as take advantage of the area’s music and culinary scenes. We met a few former Brooklynites in Hudson recently–one shop owner told us she’d traveled to town for a weekend getaway and simply never left. Indeed, with new businesses flourishing in historic spaces and the eclectic mix of long-time locals, former New Yorkers and European transplants, it’s not hard to see why people find the town so attractive. (more…)

Bazaar-on-Hudson: A Flea Market for the Hudson Valley

It was only a matter of time before the Hudson Valley got its own Brooklyn Flea-style market. Enter Bazaar-on-Hudson: an indoor market featuring nearly 40 makers, artists and vendors from the region. The bazaar will be held in Cold Spring every Sunday beginning April 6th from 10:30am to 4:30pm. (more…)
Greenlight Bookstore in Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Introducing: Brooklyn Books on Strolby, by Greenlight Bookstore

The prevailing wisdom today is that the brick & mortar bookstore isn't long for this world. But in the midst of the often-justified pessimism, there’s a ray of light--an unlikely alternative narrative that has emerged in Brooklyn over the past decade. There’s little doubt left that the epicenter of book culture in this country has shifted from Manhattan to Brooklyn (see, among a slew of other evidence, this recent piece in the Times about bookstore woes in Manhattan). (more…)

Shop Here / Eat There: The One Well and Adelina’s

In Shop Here/Eat There, we pair great shops with neighboring great eateries. Because when you shop, you work up an appetite. And if there’s a wait for a table, nothing passes the time like a little retail therapy. (more…)

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