Osei-Duro’s Slant Trouser, Styled by the Designers

Osei-Duro's cosmopolitan duds have carved out a new niche in the clothing industry, one that seamlessly melds the traditional patterns and textiles of Ghana with the groundbreaking sensibilities coming out of indie-design mecca Los Angeles--all of it ethically and sustainably produced in Accra, the capital of Ghana. (more…)
foxtail and moss ladies

Chicago Favorites: Foxtail & Moss’s Claire and Lauren

After moving to Chicago separately in the early aughts, native Midwesterner Claire and transplanted Southern gal Lauren came together when they happened to meet one night through their husbands. The connection was immediate and immovable. "I had met my aesthetic soulmate," says Claire. (more…)

What The Everygirl’s Alaina Kaczmarski Is Shopping for on Strolby

Chicago-based lifestyle site The Everygirl has emerged in recent years as a benchmark for today’s ambitious, modern, quirky-yet-relatable woman. As co-founder and editor, Alaina Kaczmarski is all about navigating life with gusto, from making the most of solo travel to creating a simultaneously functional and enviable wardrobe. (more…)


Strolby Travels: Our 5 Can’t-Miss Spots in Chicago

With its architectural grandeur, elegant downtown river and a lake that feels like an ocean, Chicago is a legendary metropolis and the de facto capital of the Midwest. But really getting to know the city is all about taking in its various neighborhoods, each with its own distinct vibe and charm. We explored a few of them on a recent trip to the Windy City. (more…)
hudson lawrence

New Shop Alert: Hudson + Lawrence Opens on Atlantic Avenue

Opened in the old Drape space on a stretch of Atlantic Avenue that's becoming an increasing draw for fans of independent fashion, new Brooklyn shop Hudson + Lawrence specializes in women's clothing and accessories that represent the owner's personal journey from Montreal to New York, by way of Greece. (more…)
beam owners

The Boys of Beam on Racked

Racked spent some time this week with Ali Arain and Greg Coccaro, owners of the clever and colorful Williamsburg home store (and Strolby partner!) Beam. Ali's description of the shop's aesthetic reminded us why the shop made such a serious splash in the Brooklyn design scene when it opened in 2013: (more…)
harvey house feature image

Harvey House: A New Hudson Valley Inn

When Hudson Valley artist Alexandra Harvey purchased an 1860 townhouse in complete disrepair on Catskill, New York's Main Street, she may have been the only one to see its potential as an inn. "It had a cool vibe," despite the debris and general rot, says Harvey. With her vision firmly in place, she completed a whirlwind renovation in under four months and opened for business this past September. (more…)
Photo credit: slamxhype.com

What We Loved At Capsule NYC F/W 2015

We stopped by Capsule's F/W 2015 show on its last (and very cold) day to meet new designers and visit some of our favorites, including Species By The Thousands, Brookes Boswell and Isobel and Ezra. The show was much bigger than in years past with the new Westside location and the addition of the Axis Show. Accessories were set apart from clothing which logically makes it more efficient for buyers. It also has the unfortunate effect of making everything start to blend together. There were some clear standouts though. (more…)

The Most Moisturizing Soap We’ve Tried

I opened my bar of Marfa Brands Campfire Soap last week and was immediately amazed by how moisturizing it was compared to any other soap I've used. I have very dry skin, especially in winter, so typically use more body wash than bar soap. After a few days of pleasant puzzling each time I took a shower, I decided to find out how it was so different so I emailed Marfa Brands founder and expert soapmaker, Ginger Griffice. Here's what she had to say: (more…)

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