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Harvey House: A New Hudson Valley Inn

When Hudson Valley artist Alexandra Harvey purchased an 1860 townhouse in complete disrepair on Catskill, New York's Main Street, she may have been the only one to see its potential as an inn. "It had a cool vibe," despite the debris and general rot, says Harvey. With her vision firmly in place, she completed a whirlwind renovation in under four months and opened for business this past September. (more…)
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What We Loved At Capsule NYC F/W 2015

We stopped by Capsule's F/W 2015 show on its last (and very cold) day to meet new designers and visit some of our favorites, including Species By The Thousands, Brookes Boswell and Isobel and Ezra. The show was much bigger than in years past with the new Westside location and the addition of the Axis Show. Accessories were set apart from clothing which logically makes it more efficient for buyers. It also has the unfortunate effect of making everything start to blend together. There were some clear standouts though. (more…)

The Most Moisturizing Soap We’ve Tried

I opened my bar of Marfa Brands Campfire Soap last week and was immediately amazed by how moisturizing it was compared to any other soap I've used. I have very dry skin, especially in winter, so typically use more body wash than bar soap. After a few days of pleasant puzzling each time I took a shower, I decided to find out how it was so different so I emailed Marfa Brands founder and expert soapmaker, Ginger Griffice. Here's what she had to say: (more…)
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Valentine’s Gifts by Relationship Status

Let's face it: Every Valentine's gift is a loaded one, filled with subtext and suppositions. And every stage of a relationship requires a different type of thoughtfulness in order to get just the right sentiment across. We're here to help navigate the minefield that is the Valentine's Day Gift with these ideas for guys and gals to conquer every stage of a relationship... (more…)
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Spotlight On: Noah Marion Quality Goods

It makes for a dramatic entrance, stepping off Austin's South Lamar Boulevard into Noah Marion's combination shop, cafe and studio. To the left is a long counter, above which a neon sign beckons visitors to "Live Well." Marion himself is sure to be standing behind it, ready to make a coffee drink and answer questions about his leather work. In the center of the space, a long table showcases the gorgeous leather goods that Marion has become known for. And in the back is his workshop, where most days you can watch Marion at work. Thanks to Marion's vision, it 
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Brooklyn Favorites: Brooklyn Magazine’s Margaret Eby

When Margaret Eby moved from her native Alabama to New York City, like many college freshman before her she found that her first New York experience revolved around Manhattan. A few years later, like many freshly minted grads, she found her horizons quickly expanding. While earning an MA at NYU, working at the Daily News and pursuing her writing independently, she spent time living in the East Village and Astoria, Queens. But she soon found her way to an apartment in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. (more…)
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Process: A New Book from Our Editorial Director

A major congratulations to Strolby's very own editorial director Sarah Stodola, whose book Process: The Writing Lives of great Authors comes out today. It's a look into the techniques, inspirations and daily routines of 18 authors that have captured our imaginations since the turn of the 20th century, including Kafka, Hemingway, Woolf, David Foster Wallace, Margaret Atwood and more. Get your copy right here on Strolby -- we are thrilled to be the exclusive online source for signed copies!! [Buy Process on Strolby]
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Makers Making: Drink More Good’s Root Beer Syrup

How’s this for burning the midnight oil: Two nights a week at around nine in the evening, Jason Schuler heads over to the commercial kitchen in downtown Beacon, NY where he creates his Drink More Good line of artisanal soda syrups (and where he also runs an incubator for upstart food producers). Once there, he works through the night, mixing, boiling and bottling, finishing that night’s syrups around 5am. (more…)
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Meet Ballroom Marfa’s New Director

Vogue recently introduced readers to Susan Sutton, the new executive director of the inimitable Ballroom Marfa, an arts organization (and Strolby partner!) that has played no small part in shaping Marfa's audacious arts scene. (They're to thank for the now-iconic Prada Marfa installation just outside of town.) (more…)

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