Spotlight On: Alexandra Dewez of Harvey’s Counter

"I like things that are a little out of the ordinary, a little offbeat," says Alexandra Dewez, owner of Hudson, New York shop Harvey's Counter and designer of much of its inventory. That sentiment is all around as I visit the shop one bright spring afternoon. We sit next to a vintage dress form adorned with jewelry and a large cow skull, while a striking sculpture crafted from animal bones, antlers and textiles to resemble a ship's sails hangs in the store's front window. (more…)
perch 3

Q&A: Designer Amy Adams on Her New Line, Perch Canteen

Brooklyn-based designer Amy Adams was working as a ceramicist under the brand name Perch when she suffered a devastating blow to her business: her Red Hook studio flooded during Hurricane Sandy in 2012, damaging much of her ceramics equipment. As a result, Adams was forced to scale back her ceramics production and move her studio to a new space. Although the loss was unfortunate, the changes that followed proved to be stimulating: “It got my creative juices going again,” she says. (more…)
white moustache yogurt

Brooklyn’s The White Moustache Yogurt: A Review

Grumblings of praise about The White Moustache yogurt have been reaching us for some time now. Made in Brooklyn by a father-daughter team using the family’s longstanding Persian techniques (the brand is named after the father’s signature facial hair), The White Moustache comes with old world cred and a contemporary twist. It's hard to get, made in such small batches that only a few local vendors carry it, although many others want to. (more…)
Weekend in Amagansett

Strolby Itineraries: Weekend in Amagansett

My husband’s grandparents bought their place in Amagansett around the same time Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner were going there for cheap studio space. In our 18 years together, we’ve spent as much time out there as possible and even got engaged on the beach nearby. The house is old, slightly aslant and charmingly packed with cousins, dogs and beach toys, Along with the surrounding area, it’s the perfect place to while away a weekend. (more…)
summer concepts

(Summer) Concepts: Strolby’s Weekly Inspiration Board

By this week in mid-July, summer has become something both abstract and tactile; We're soaking in the summer upon us, and gathering nostalgia for summers past.   (more…)

Introducing: Strolby Beach

With Strolby Beach, we present a collection of goods from shops in the New York area's distinctive beach towns, each of which boasts its own unique blend of urban creativity and seaside chic: (more…)

Lara’s Simple Pleasures: La Fondita in Amagansett, NY

Growing up in San Antonio, Texas, I ate tacos pretty much every day, often for more than one meal. Bean and cheese tacos were $0.39 each(!) at Taco Cabana which made them the breakfast, lunch and late night staples (with a side of flour tortillas, please) for my entire group of friends. (more…)
rockaway feature image

Strolby Itineraries: Weekend in Rockaway

Because my boyfriend is a surfer, we've been coming out to Rockaway at every opportunity for as long as we've been dating. A couple years ago, we made our presence more permanent by renting an apartment near the surf beach at Beach 90th Street. Since then, we've been making Rockaway our unlikely summer home. (more…)
Strolby's Favorite Hotel Pools

Hotel Pools: Strolby Tastemakers Name Their Favorites

We shouldn't love hotel pools this much. We should get to a place, throw our suitcase in the room, and take off into the great unknown that we're here to explore. Sometimes, though, the hotel pool is the destination, the most memorable part of an entire trip. With this in mind, we asked Strolby shop owners and makers to name their favorites--ever, anywhere in the world. Here they are, from the overtly luxurious to the high in the sky to the naturally occurring... (more…)

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